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Why We Chose Marine Collagen and Enzyme Hydrolyzation For Rajuva


Rajuva was created with one goal in mind. Make a premium product with the highest quality and purity that we could take ourselves and be proud to share with our family and friends. No fillers. No additives. Just pure, organic, untainted, marine collagen protein that is eco-friendly. None were found on the existing market, only cheaper, inferior ones. Through thorough research, we found the best, cleanest, source of collagen protein peptides, from deep oceanic waters, free of contaminants and pollution. As expected, it was pricey, but that did not stop us. We then added the necessary vitamins and minerals to enhance the effectiveness of our over 95% pure marine collagen protein. Hence, Rajuva Marine Collagen 360, the complete solution, was born.

What is collagen?

Collagen is nothing more than the protein “glue” that supports and strengthens our skin,hair, teeth, bones and musculature. It is an essential protein making up 30% of our total body protein. It is progressively lost as we age. Therefore, it is a must to replace it. Why marine collagen when everywhere bovine collagen is sold? Marine pertains to anything found in the sea. Bovine is from cow sources.
Not all collagen is the same. Coming from a medical background, we realized there was confusion as to what collagen is and a lack of transparency in the ingredients being sold. The difference between marine and bovine collagen is that bovine collagen protein is less absorbed due to its large molecular size but it is cheap. Marine collagen on the other hand, is 1.5 times more absorbable due to its smaller size. Even better is that our Rajuva Marine Collagen 360 is specifically formulated by an expensive enzyme hydrolysis or breakdown method that creates a fine collagen powder. This improves absorption further allowing the small collagen amino acids to get to where it needs to go to strengthen (maximum bioavailability) . Think of it like this: the finer the powder, the easier it is dissolved into a drink. It works the same way in our digestive system. Marine collagen does not add to global warming. In fact, it reduces waste as it is made from the skin of oceanic fish that would otherwise be discarded after eating the meat. Environmentally, cows produce 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, a significant cause of global warming. They also need huge amounts of land mass for grazing. Over 29% of the land in the United States is currently dedicated to cattle grazing. Rajuva doesn’t want to add to this growing problem.

Comparison between Marine and Bovine Collagen
 Marine Bovine
Smaller particle size, 1.5x more absorbed Larger size particles, less absorbed
Eco-friendly, no waste, no carbon gas One of the top 5 causes of global warming. Uses 29% of land that otherwise could be used for farming

Provides Collagen Type 1 & 3.  Type 1 constitutes 90% of our Collagen

Provides type 2 Collagen
Good for skin, bone and joints  Good for joints
Low risk of infectious contamination Higher risk


Rajuva Marine Collagen 360 is a complete solution as it contains additional ingredients to enhance the collagen production and effectiveness.

Vitamin C and Zinc are necessary for your body to build collagen. Rajuva provides 100% of your daily value with 75mg of Vitamin C and 10mg of Zinc.

Hyaluronic acid is included to help retain moisture and further fortify skin and joints.

1,000% of your daily value of Biotin is added for strong hair and nail growth.

Finally, 10g per serving of protein is also included. With the 11g of collagen, this gives you the highest amount of proteins combined per serving of any product.

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