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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Collagen ?

Collagen makes up 30% of the protein of our body

• This protein is crucial for maintenance of skin integrity , muscle mass , healthy bones and much more

• We lose 1% per year starting in our 20s

• We lose 30%per year starting our 50s

• Increasing collagen protein with Rajuva Marine Collagen 360 can restore this loss to a youthful level Sample Answer

What is the risk of collagen loss on skin ?

• Loss of skin smoothness

• Loss of elasticity

• Increased dryness

• Increased thinning of skin

• Skin becomes prone to breaking down


What is the risk of collagen loss on bone ?

• Increase in osteoarthritis(Duke Univ. med) science

• Contributes to osteoporosis due to decreased bone collagen

• Increased joint pain and loss of stability due to loss of collagen in and around the joint

• Studies suggest that collagen peptides like Rajuva Marine Collagen 360 improves bone density in menopausal women

Who should take Collagen ?

Collagen is lost in men and women as young as in their 20s and accelerates as they age past 50 years of age. Both women and men , young and old can benefit.

How much collagen should be consumed?

Most studies show that best effects are realized when 10 grams of collagen peptides are consumed daily for long periods of time, as collagen is continuously lost as we age.

Lab testing of Rajuva Marine Collagen 360*

Rajuva Marine Collagen 360 is made from scales and skin of deep water fish.
Please do not consume if allergic to fish or seafood. Our collagen powder and its pure ingredients are certified for authencity and purity from third party testing.

What happens when collagen is lost at the skin?

• Skin loses its elasticity, smoothness, thickness and hydration

• This leads to fine lines, and wrinkles . The skin becomes rough and dry. The skin also thins and sags

• Rajuva Marine Collagen 360 can revitalize your skin to a youthful glow.

• It increases skin thickness, elasticity, smoothness and hydration.

• It can strengthen hair and nails as well!

What happens when collagen is lost at the muscle and bone ?

• The loss of collagen may cause weakening of the tendons and ligaments decreasing joint stability and causing pain.

• Studies show that taking collagen like Rajuva Marine Collagen 360 may stabilize the joints and decrease joint pain. It may improve pain associated with osteoarthritis and joint injury. It may also improve bone strength and density

• The loss of collagen on muscle may cause loss of tone and strength.

• Studies show that taking collagen like Rajuva Marine Collagen 360 may increase muscle mass in those who do strength and resistance training.

• It may even help with cellulite in some.

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