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Ambassador Program

Earn 30% Commission & Rewards!

Start Earning!

Simply Share About Rajuva!

The Ambassador program is a commission-based referral program where you earn 30% commission on EVERY PURCHASE that uses your unique ambassador code.

Most programs only pay you for the new customer once. Rajuva pays you on ALL purchases that use your code for a full year.

Share your personal experiences using Rajuva Marine Collagen and Ultimate Serum and be rewarded with commission, rewards points, and savings to your audience!

Start Earning!

Why become an Ambassador?

Earn commissions when someone you referred makes a purchase. No cap on commissions!

Partner with a the highest quality products with the cleanest, most important nutrients for your health.

Receive a custom referral code offering your community 25% off of first time orders on

Be the first to learn and try new products, with a chance to earn additional commission and rewards.

"I've never used products that worked so quickly to improve my health before. After just a few weeks, the serum has made my complexion is as good as it's ever been, and the collagen has dramtically reduced the joint pain I've had for years. I share the benefits Rajuva has given me anyway, I might as well earn money doing it!

Kris McGloin@jjmger75

"My knee has been the bain of my existence for 10 years. Geting older stinks, and I always assumed I'd eventually need surgery. After 6 weeks of using Rajuva Marine Collagen 360 in my coffee every day, I don't even think about my knee anymore. It's like I'm 10 years younger! If I can help others not suffer through what I have, and make some side income for a few minutes of my time making social posts , I'm all for it."

Sean Kurker@seankurker

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rajuva Ambassador?

Ambassadors help us spread the word about how Rajuva products are different and better than other options on the market. Share how you have personally benefited from less joint pain, less acne, better skin, etc. Share your stories on your social channels using your unique code for your netowork to use for their purchases.

What is the Rajuva Ambassador Program?

Our Ambassador program is a commission-based referral program where Ambassadors earn a commission on every sale they refer to An Ambassador’s goal is to introduce new customers to Rajuva products and incentivize purchases. When a customer makes a purchase on using your unique Ambassador code or referral link, you earn 30% of their order total! The more you refer, the more you earn!

What do you get for becoming a Rajuva Ambassador?

Money and Rewards!

You'll earn 30% commission on every purchase that uses your unique referal code.

You'll earn rewards points for your referrals.

You'll be able to share discounts with your community giving them 25% off of first time orders on

How do I refer my community and what commission do I receive when I sign up to become an Ambassador?

We use UpPromote to manage our program.

You’ll receive a custom referral link and networking link to refer other Ambassadors, earning commission on their referrals as well.

How do I get paid for my sales?

In order to pay our Ambassadors in the simplest way, we process commission via PayPal or check mailed to you. To sign up for Paypal, head over to to create your account.

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